Queuematic System

In the institutions with dense queue volume, in order for the operations to follow a certain pattern and order, new coming visitors will receive an appropriate ticket for his / her operation from the queue machine and, based on this queue, he / she will be called by the related officer and the operation will be completed.
As the calls can be monitored in on the display and the main board, there won’t be backlogging in front of the gates or counters.In places devoid of QUEMATIC order and regulations collapses.
Due to chaos and backlogging, motivation and productivity of the employees decrease.
Our systems are working with success in abroad and institutions within our list of references such as; Hospitals,
Family Health Centres, Municipalities, Security Directorates, Directorate of Registry, Office of Mufti, Payment points, Registration offices, Technical service offices and Charities that furnish service to 2000 – 3000 individuals on daily basis.

The people who come to the institutions which have an order density,will take their sqeuence ticket from order ticket machine,according to their process in order to a specific arrangment in these institution.
The process within this sequence is carried out by the relevant officer.
The call can be watched by the display and the main table,so no accumulation will happen in front of the doors and banks.İn the places which have not
Queue matic,the motivation and the performance of the workers will fall down,because of the agglomeration and chaos. İn our referance list,there are hospitals,family health centers,city halls,directorates of security,religion places,payment points,register offices,technical
services,many institutions which give services for 2000-3000 person in one day,and in out of our country,the system works succesfuly.
OMES Queue matic system production,sale and service are own the certificate of guality ISO 9001:2000DIN EN.There is CE sign in our product.

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    İf there is no new customer or anew customer does not take a sequence number,when anthor customer come and take a sequence number ,the system will remember the operator who will do the call and direct the new number instantly to him.İn order to prevent the operators to stop for aperiod of time without taking action,you can use the automatic call.

    Call routing\Pass\Delay process
    -The operators can direct the numbers which they call to anthor service,the operators can press anew sequence number belongs to a new process by the external printer.
    Example:it must make registration to the patient who come to optometry.the patient achieves his processing in the admission with the number which taken from the device.the admission operator will give a new number from the printer on his table and direct the patient to optometry after the end of register procedures.the patient will waite for the medical examination with this number.
    -The operator can pass the call to anthor service.
    Paper and time saving will provide because the customer will use the same sequence number (for payment transaction it will pass to cashiers office).
    -The operator can delay the call(in case of missing document,delayed customer….ext)after a specific number it will call back,by this way the customer will not loss time and will not take a new sequence number.

    Determine The Number of Calls

    All the services can be adjusted to give a specific limit number of tickets.when the number of ticket be exceeded the limited value,the system will warn the customers that the daily limit has been exceeded and it will not give a new ticket.

    Determine Working Hours

    The system will start the day by cleaning all sequence numbers.
    All the sevices have been adjusted as a specific working hours.the customer who want to take a sequence number outside the designed time will be informed that the working hours ended.exa,out side of 07:00-16:00, taking a new ticket will be prevented.

    Unlimited Main Group Managment
    -The required sequences can be collected under a specific main group in the system.
    Example,name of doctors will be added under the main group of internal medicine.
    The user will choose the processing group by the kiosk screen.
    -After the selection of the group,a sub group connected to main group is displayed.
    -The system will pass to the main screen again in case of not making an election at the end of the specific period.also it cen be returned from the sub group screen to the main screen by the back button.

    Watching Statue İnstantly(by terminal and system)

    The system managment will be informed immediatly about the user processors,processing time,average duration of the call,the last process and its period,sequence information,the pass….ext

    Flash Warning

    The number is called will be warned by making flash in the display and tables.The number of the flash can be adjusted or shutted .

    Language Support

    The printer,screen views,system adjustment,and operator screens have been specially harmonized to work with many languages support.

    Priotry Calls

    -The tickets which taken from ticket machine can be adjusted priority in the sequence.An emergency number can be directed priority to the terminals.
    -The devices which can be added to the system:
    -Megnatic card reader.barkod reader.RFID card reader
    -The Customers take ticket from sub-units,can be directed to the terminals according to priority or urgency.

    Kiosk Announcment Screen

    The kiosk screen can be displayed the text or picture that wanted,after a specific period.

    Above the kiosk screen:

    -Menu titles
    -Pictures -Background images
    -Symbols belong to the sequences
    -Alert message
    -Alert texts
    -Featurs can be adjusted befor or after working

    Unlimited Sequence Managment

    -Anew sequences can be added as you want to the system
    -Each sequence have:
    Main group
    -Sub group
    -Service name
    -Service picture
    -Sevice limit
    -Service feauture
    -Active service\passive service
    -Ticket numbers working hours
    -Main table

    -Mangment of sets :hardware,ticket editor and virtual terminal adjustment can be made.
    -Reporting .

    Detailed reporting

    You can measure reperfomance of personnel and operation .
    -You can reach to all the statistics of the call on the baises of the operator ,sequence ,and bank.
    -Many types of reports can be get .reports can be produced on hourly,daily and monthly basis.
    -Main service,sub-prosecessing,ticket detailse are on the basis of the counter and usrer.
    -The inputs ,outputs to the system and break times can be reported.
    -Daily, monthly, yearly, statistics of opertors working ,statistics of the totall of calls ,average period of calls ,average of preiod of waiting ,ext…


    -Reports listed below can be watched instantly within the wanted computers in the institution.
    .Last called customer .
    .Waited customer
    The average time of processing .
    .The average time of waiting.
    .Maximum waiting time
    .The number of customer that get service.
    .The number of the customer on the target.
    .Terminal number.
    .The name of service /groupe which tickets taken.
    .Time of taking ticket.
    .The time of the call of customer to the counter.
    .The last time of operation.
    .The number of terminal wich call customer.


    Sevice /group - Ticket number.

    General specifications of the Q-matic system is microprocessor-controlled

    - 10 Piece Service management ( can be increased due to mechanical button )
    - A parallel - joint system can be used as more than 1 ticket machine .
    - Each ticket values ​​can be set start and end of the tail .
    - Maximum number of tickets can be set for each group .
    - For each group, with or stopping the rotation settings
    - Automatic aid ( eg , 3pcs A service invocation or customer group, customer service, there are no two units of B -defined customer call up other groups )
    - Priority call
    - Auto- Routing
    - Manual Change group
    - Do not plug more than one ( 1 copy of the same fiş'ten )
    - Place the tail number of the start (A group B group 200 -point 100 -point numbers will plug in the numbers )
    - 128 Piece independent operator management
    - Each operator set powers .
    - Printed desired articles printed on the ticket .

    - Time 00:00 itibartiyle end of the day , and the initial values ​​of the recall
    - Repeat the call .
    - Number of persons waiting for queues Grantee information
    - The main grouping of statements
    ( eg , 1st Floor 2nd Floor B service A service of the sorts shown )
    - Top Posts of rows and tables can be increased .
    - Dot Matrix displays on the marquee after a certain waiting period , the institution can service name .
    - Ring system, as long as you can connect the unit .
    - Mifare , Proximity card operations can be done as a priority , or separate . (Staff priority .. etc) Q-matic 256 and above may be carried out on the account .

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